World's Coolest Intern

Ok, this entry will tell you how COOL am i to become the world's coolest intern. Lets go step by step why i think i am the COOLEST among everyone. ;-)


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Head prefect SK Peringat 2000
Head Prefect SBPI Kuantan 2004/2005
Yang DiPertua JPP Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka
President of Sheffield Malaysian Student Association 09/10
COOL : Kindergarten head class =)


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SBPI Kuantan 2004/2005 Basketball team
Chess University (International Rating 1533)

3-Organize Cool Activities

Bloggers Gathering

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During my summer holiday last 3 month, my friends and i did organize 'Bloggers Gathering' Cool to tell you that we were meeting by online! That time i still at Sheffield and my friends most of them in Malaysia. 1st Gathering almost 80 people turns up and we featured in the newspaper and 2nd gathering almost 70 people attend. COOL huh?

perhaps 3rd gathering - 1000 people. WOHOO!!! =)

RAG : Spider Walk

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We are students who run events for students and the local community, spreading lots of RAG love. RAG itself stands for 'Raising and Giving' and that's precisely what the cool cats on the committee are all about Rag website
Last year, i sign up this charity event for collecting money to our society. COOL enough by walking 13 miles around Sheffield, COOL COOL meeting with hot chicks Sheffield and SUPER COOL collecting 125 pound for this event!

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350 is the most important number in the world—it’s what scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  350 website

The Intern

Similar to TV series ‘The Apprentice’, candidates will have to use creativity, commercial awareness, marketing, negotiating and other skills to succeed in demanding challenges. Past challenges include a charity flea market, developing a proposal for an eco-business and marketing and promotions of local businesses. The intern website

Last season, i join this challange and further until 4th stage. I was 'fired' not because i not competent, but because the time for the 5th stage didnt suit me. So guess what, if the time ok, for sure i will win. haha. ok, thats can prove COOL that i have. read here for more

4-EXTRA : Social Network


1334 friends. sorry myspace, i abandoned u


wohoo, 2218 friends at friendster

WOHOO, i have 24297 comments in my friendster account
COOL huh?
Sorry, i also abandoned u FS 


Now i only using FB. i have 3486 friends
of course all of them i know!!
errk, not all of them actually =)

this is my facebook fan pages
LOL, everyone have page, so me too!!! 
have 1624 people like. haha =)


Ok, i would like you to meet my twitter account
only have 702 followers?

Because i just active twittering recently!!

when i started serious, have 10-20 follower everyday =)

and a lot more follow my twitter!


Do i need to print screen anything?
hey, have a looks my blog!
err, even though for this blog i writing in Malay 
but my English is not bad
check this video

5-Just know i am the world's COOLest intern!!

Thank u to nuffnang and also Standard Chartered Bank for this contest. Dont forget to check this link ( and also this link ( but guess what, the date line is over. haha. perhaps they still accept this entry.

erk, i just finished write this entry at mamak stall and use 64 minutes. COOL huh?

Even cooler than snow!!

pss : i have such a great business right now =)

Jangan lupa Like dan Tweet ya =)

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Keretapi berkata...

whoaaaa! head boy since you were in primary school? and secondary? and university?????

i'm very impressed. and feeling a lil bit jealous. heh.

your leadership shouldnt be questioned. apa rahsiaaa? i believe if you want to lead, you must have the popularity as well, besides all the charisma and whatnot la . . kan kan. heheh. how about blog a post about that?

(mood comment in english lah pulak haha)

Mama Zharfan berkata...

me doakan agar joe terpilih! u are more than coolest!!!

samanosuke_04 berkata...

hehehe... nie tengah compete kat sheffield ke? goodluck.. hohohohoho

nabil_potter berkata...


/Dayah//Nurul/ berkata...

of course. the coolest person i've ever met :) hebak2 hebatla jo :)kagum

Hazzy Ishak berkata...


- zuriey - berkata...

great!!! gooodluck

||| PöJìé PööH ||| berkata...

wow! goodluck Joe :)

PojiePooh Abdullah

nursarah puteri biru berkata...

you are so cool joe. proud of you. all the best!!

intankuterpilih berkata...

gud luck joe...

p/s : bila 3rd gathering tu??

intankuterpilih berkata...

gud luck joe.

p/s :bila 3rd gathering tu?

slay berkata...

wow you are too cool for them.
i hired you!

-donald trump-

cik jue berkata...

gudluck ex head prefect sbpik (^_~)..
bgga skol kite ada joe ni..hehe

molmolla berkata...

gudluck!!! :D

Jard The Great berkata...

dah tutup tapi ramai lg org yg ucap good luck. LOL

noor afzan berkata...

64 minutes for this cool entry.
good luck joe!

aried berkata... bro... start from kindergarden till now u r still cooler than snow..hohoho

Tuan Din berkata...

Yes, u're COOL... since kindergarten yer!! (budak2 tadika pun ader ketua kelak ek??)

Bro Framestone berkata...

nie betul2 mahu lawan bro ek

BroFramestone Blog
@ Sudi-sudikan melawati BroFramestone In D' House

Matjoe berkata...

impressive. youre rite. you're cool man.

eiffel berkata...

cool dude!!tp cam tak best jerk jd pames*honestly oke

p/s :: please vote kte kat sini
untuk entry jujur (EGBB)

*she's s0 e!Ra* berkata...

oh famous betul u ni.. :)

Eazy Izzuddin berkata...

whoa i like u lah....

Tanpa Nama berkata...

I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

joegrimjow berkata...

@Eazy Izzuddin
like u too

joegrimjow berkata...

@*she's s0 e!Ra*

xfemes sangat

joegrimjow berkata...


wahaa, bangga

joegrimjow berkata...

@noor afzan

thx akak
xpe, ni xmasuk pon sebab dah habis dah die nye date

joegrimjow berkata...

@Jard The Great

haha, tu la pasal. xpe, doa kawan2 tu =)

joegrimjow berkata...


thx u mr donald trump

joegrimjow berkata...


akan diumumkan. wahaaa

FaRHaN SyAHiR berkata...

leadership ko memg mantap...
good luck!

budakdebab berkata...

wah....dr kecik g dh jd leadrship,,bgos2.biasenye org lain mase kecicil je jd ledrship,,susah nk mantain smpai besar,,
sy nie followe br,,actually,,course per yg you ambil kt sane?

akuzle berkata...

huhuhuhuhu... kalah dh akak.....huhuhuhuhuhuhuh (nangis sampe banjir Shah Alam)

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