berkampung among themself?

picture credit to mr google

my 1st time writing in english, regarding jard comment for my previous entry. personally, i am not good in english, thats why i prefer using malay rather than english. looks, how weird my writing although its just only one paraghraph ;-)

ermm. ruangan kosong sbb 'it's in english'? ku kopipes dari blog neh

Apa pendapat kau tentang budak-budak Melayu yang dihantar belajar ke luar negara (U.S./OZ/UK misalnya) tapi hanya berkampung sesama sendiri, hinggakan selepas grad english language proficiency masih di tahap yang sama? Berbaloikah kerajaan menghabiskan berjuta menanggung pembiayaan diorang?
haha... saja nk tau ape respon kamu..

malay malay malay

yeah, i never deny and totally agree that most (read most, not all) malaysian tend to sociable and mingle with only malaysian. hurm, may be this is one of the minor factor that will make malay language for overseas student become more fluent. same goes to me. LOL

not the only way to improve english

but u must agree with me that mingle with local people is not the only way to improve english. im not telling u that 'malaysian is for malaysian' no no, no such things, but the reality is, i got 'something' when mingle with local people. 'something' better in improving my english fluency. they tend to talk theit accent, so, can we improve our english with them?

u got what i mean?

live hear in sheffield, most of them use 'yorkshire accent' something that very new and not teach at school. button become butt, alright become arite, better become be'er, coming become cuming and many more. thats why i told that mingle with them we cant improve our english significantly. ok, looks this video to hear how weird they pronounce word

what 'something' i got?

mingle with them, we will get their thought and culture. i join club chess here, before playing, usually i will talk to my openant. just talking about wheather, sunny day, freazing, some boring stuff and people here tend to build relationship with us by talking about this boring stuff. we need to understand their culture and by talking with them, this is what we will got

confidence. still remember during my 1st year here, when i was in subway, i just said 'all except this and this and this' when asking what vegetable i want. gosshh, to afraid to say letuce, tomatoes or cucamber. why? didnt have that confidence. fortunately, this thing developt slowly. thank to chess club again to give me opportunities to 'mingle' with them

'berkampung' (maybe u like villaging??) with only malaysian?

for me, definately there is no problem if you want to stay or spend your time MORE with malaysian. why? because they (local people) have very different culture with us. but my advice, find some spaces or time to make a friend with them. friend in term of watching liverpool play againts manchester, playing chess together, may be have cup of coffee or may be speed dating??? LOL. of course this is just my opinion, its not 100% right, everyone have their own opinion including me

finally, i close my case by this dialogue. one english student studying at usm kelantan, he want to buy nasi lemak at one of famous nasi lemak stall at kelantan. of course that english student know to speak malay ;-)

'boleh saya beli nasi lemak ?'

'nok nasi lemok brapo bukuh? nok lauk gapo? ado aye ado sutung, ado ude'

did he learn word bukuh, gapo, aye, sutung, ude in his school? 'think think and happy doing'

foot note : no more nota kaki, only 'foot note'. haha. very hard to write in english ;-)

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skY Hayyat berkata...


nice entry..
Well, sbgai student yg major dlm English, skY x nafikan sbnrnya bercmpur dgn mereka blh menmbh kelancaran bahasa enggeris kte..
Mengenai dgn accent depa tu, x ley nk ckp la.. da tu cara depa.. btw, now english has become world first knowledge language, so being able to speak fluently to know more about knowledge 'sepatutnya' x jd msalah bg student yg menetap n bljr d luar negara..
bkn bermkna kte fluent dlm bahasa asing kte xley minggle dan berkampung dgn bgsa kte..
Byk sbnrnya cara nk upgrade kelancaran bahasa kte.. slain berckp, bykkn membaca..


joegrimjow berkata...

cari ruang lain untuk mahirkan english, bukan tertumpu dengan pergaulan saja

Jard The Great berkata...

well done! clap! clap! clap! =)

ps: some spelling error... hehehe... cute

joegrimjow berkata...

correct me sifu

sharamli berkata...

dengar lagu p0n b0leh mahir jgk kan...

pudding pie berkata...

i like that little girl with her strong accent..hehe
super duper cute =)

joegrimjow berkata...

understand what shes talking?

chah~ berkata...

da hampir satu hari ni ku duk ckp english n dgr org ckp english.. petang ni bce entri in english lak.. hoho..

btw, nice topic joe.. haha

Mimpi berkata...

That girl talk about her daddy and her mom.

As far as I know there's nothing on the contract paper saying that Malay students who were sent to overseas need to have a high proficiency in English. Be it students majoring in English or engineering/medic or etc.
Is it true? I'm just guessing. Government sponsored you to do degree in engineering not degree in English lol.

However, peoples(family,friends,boss,co-worker,etc) including the government usually expect overseas student to obtain high English language proficiency.
That's the mentality set people.

Ore kelate kato :
wak gapo ngaji oversea kalu kecek ore putih x reti...stakat yes no thank you...atuk pun reti dok oh.

If the students whose study in Malaysia can speak better English than overseas students.... for sure overseas students will be badly critic.

The point is wherever you're,the most important is your own initiative/action to be a better person.
Get used to speaking English,mingle with local people(just don't go to pub lol~),surfing internet reading English stuff,watch movies also can learn English.
To get no grammar mistake of course has to further study by majoring in English.

Nice 1st time entry in English.

joegrimjow berkata...

agreed mimpi

introspection for me too
thank for remind

FarhanaDr berkata...

Not bad gak ape joe.. Okey laa tu.. Heehee.. Masa akan mengimprovekan segalanya asalkan kita nak berusaha.. Heehee.. :)

~kuyam~ berkata...

p i cant even understand a single word from her :p
oke mybe some words only got into my mind.hehe

joegrimjow berkata...

tu baru budak kecik
xbudak besar lagi

enche tomyams berkata... previous lecturer said : I know almost all of us were not born in England or US, so don't be shy to speak n write in english, its a part of learning process......btw the situation not only covers english but also in Arabic....grads from arabs pun x leh cakap arab fluently. Sebab masa kat sana dok dalam satu buidling malaysia je....kata orang lah...

for me if there is no comprehensive study done, its just general assumption..people like to assume..heheh

Ilidina.. berkata...

apart from some grammar mistakes, your first entry in English is quite good..for me, studying here in the uk, and majoring in English really help me in improving my fluency in speaking English because of the English speaking environment...

anyway, keep up the good work..=)

adikeica berkata...

mcm baca budak kelate tgah cakap melayu! agagga..good job YB! (kau botak lagi nmpak cam YB plaks)

Firol berkata...

hoo..omputis pun grammar lagi terabur....ok dah ni Joe...gua kalu bagi markah dalam bi dah bagi 28/30...

green berkata...

nok nasi lemok brapo bukuh? nok lauk gapo? ado aye ado sutung, ado ude'

haha..sempat je die selitkan lawak ae..


bahasa itu satu alat. dan satu ilmu juga. Kalau kita anggap dia alat semata, tak adalah penting sangat, tengok korean n russian dah boleh tau.Tapi kalau kita anggap tu ilmu, lagi bagus kan..

kesimpulannya, penuhi ilmu di dada.iman dan amal jugee..

Mohd Nasri Md. Nasir berkata...

ak join forum international..
rmai yg ckp dorg pny english bkn skema sgt pn..hncur gk
klau dorg dgr spe2 yg ckp english skema, seolah2 mcm kite dgr org ckp bahase melayu baku kt malaysia..hehe

i'msosupernotcool berkata...

xperlu ponlepak ngn mat salleh nk blaja english..
melayu pon ramai power english..
klo nk blajar anytime je kot..

miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda berkata...

ni l0lly nak kne komen dlm english gak rr ni.

jap2 nak cari kamus. wwakakakakak~

joegrimjow berkata...

enche, had u watched majalah 3 reagarding arab can speak kelantaness, very fluent!

firol, wah tinggi tu, time kasih

notcool, always agree with u

Adam berkata...

there pro and con. but there a lot of benefit when we develop our English.

besides, we should know that writing and speaking there is the different. when we talk we need the confident. if we not confident we start to mumble. and then end up like to 'berkampung'.

we don't learn when we not trying.

iyliattieka berkata...

last week, i've attend a talk with a lecturer from the UK university where we're currently having a twinning program with. one of the student ask whether we could acquire the UK accent within our three years stay there. personally, i wouldn't want to acquire the accent.the important thing is to know the right pronunciation,to know the language, not the accent. we should be proud of the accent that we'd acquired by living in Malaysia for a big chunk of our life. it's our identity-lah.

anyway, xsalah bergaul dengan students malaysia. bygkan whole day you hv lectures in English, communicate in English to buy stuffs, do discussion etc. x bernanah ke kalo 24/7 dok dengar org speaking

p/s:ade je mat salleh blaja grammar dengan student malaysia.

Vava.Voom berkata...

wahhh!! susah ye nak faham apa dia ckp..pekat gile okayy.. dia mengingatkan sy kat ginger spice..huhuhu.. oh neway, dia panggil daddy.. de'dey..camner ntah..haha.. dia comel gile~
bubbly.. huhuh.. =P topic! =

psst: blog walking here~

Nabihah Zaid berkata...


LOL..loving this entry :) I'm studying in the UK as well, and it's been pretty good ^-^

dkat umah ckp melayu..dkt skola ckp english..NO probs! ;) bgus gak hang ngan org melayu..x lpe bgse sndiri ^-^ ..sbb..ade bdak melayu kat cni..slalu hang ngan bdak mat saleh je..smpai kwn melayu dilpekan..nk p bangga sgt ade kawan mat saleh..die igtkan org xdek kwn mat saleh gak kot xD oh well...

It'd be good if you know young kids there though - either english or malay, coz they can teach u the pronounciation of words - my dad learns accent from work :D

i noticed some spelling mistakes..but yeah..who cares? It's ur first english entry innit? =D
Keep on writing! ^-^

aNoZ berkata...

comelnye bdk ppuan ni!!! haha... joe, kalo spenda masa ngn diorg lama2 nnt senang la sket nk paham. walaupun x paham keseluruhan la. sbb kat apartment aku sume bahasa mcm "ngeng" sket. haha... anyway, post aku before ni pun sama gak. psl speaking in english. hehe

joegrimjow berkata...

like all the comments

Jard The Great berkata...

hehehe.... waaa....... komen-komen sini mmg berkualiti.. baru lah dikatakan entri neh orang baca.. mrk perhatikan betul2 isi yang nk disampaikan (minus the minor spelling errors and grammatical mistakes)... dan bg pandangan masing2.. keh keh keh.. again well done for the topic well presented.. =)

Lifesaver berkata...

ok joe!percubaan yg baik. bak kata org melayu "masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang lembu mengembu" tp jgn lupa.."di mana bumi dipijak, disitu agama Islam dijunjung"


joegrimjow berkata...

seblom ni dieorg xbaca ke jard?

MuNsYi^SaMa berkata...

seriously, i need to put on my earphone to understand what she's saying,haha

nice point there man.Like me in this 'international'univ, foreign students are everywhere. Most of them lived within their own community and at the end of their studies, they still couldn't master Malay.

Only some who have mastered Malay because they joined malay indon community. ade sorg mamat comoros ckp fluent gile melayu, tp slang indon la..haha

ape2 pon,kalo dpt join local people pon ok, at least grab the chance. Abg ak cite die join community masjid mane ntah dulu.ramai syeikh2 arab kt situ.

Tanpa Nama berkata...


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